VERBATTLE - Senior and Junior
  • Verbattle is the biggest event concept TV House is associated with.
  • It is the biggest debate platform for school children and college youth in the country.
  • Verbattle junior is into its 3rd year, and offers a cash price of Rs. 1 Lakh for the winning team.
  • Verbattle Senior held for the first time in 2007 is a state level debate competition for college students being
  • Projected as the biggest platform for “thought interaction” in media
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MYSOORU UTSAVA - 4 days Non-stop Festival
Mysooru Utsava - an event for Mysoreans with the purpose of entertaining them with a bouquet of rare, exotic and attractive faces, aspects, systems and forms of culture, be it dance, drama, music, or audio and visual delights by way of live performances or presentations.

Mysooru Utsava is a four day first-of-its-kind mega event held in Mysore city; a non-stop celebration enjoyed free of cost by the citizens of the erstwhile capital of the Wodeyars.
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T V House is the exclusive marketing agency for Mysooru Utsava and the Event Manager for the entire event.

T V House has, over the years, provided concepts and content for entertainment on TV as well as on stage.

T V House is adept at providing entertainment dimensions to any educational, informational or business activity.