film made by TV House are known for their practical productive utility values.

TV House has expertise in making-business focused and cost effective films ranging from low budget to mega corporate projects. The organization is skillsed in making films that work for the clients.

Under its mainstay business of making films, the company specializes in production of:

  • Documentary Films
  • Commercial Films
  • Business Films 
  • Educational Films
  • Biographical Films
  • Instructional Films
  • Entertainment Films
  • Portfolio:

    Biography Films

    Title:Manukulada Athmashakthi
           - A documentary on Sri Sri Dr. Shivakumar Swamiji of Siddganga Mutta

    Title: Niranjan Kuttera
            - biography of Swami Niranjananda

    Title: --
            -documentary on R.V Deshpandy
    Title: Village Clinic
            - documentary on Dr.Ramana Roa

    Commercial filims

    • Kings choice
    • Auroshikha agarbathi
    • Coral incense
    • Estate club
    • Sagar hospital
    • Garuda mall
    • NECC

    Documentry films

    • Tobacco
    • Old age
    • Sleep
    • Mind

    Corporate films

    • GMR foundation
    • Abmhar valley
    • BPL Automation
    • Vikram Hospital
    • Expert coaching

    PR films

    • Xindia steel
    • Manipal kidney foundation
    • Awake
    • Suguna poultry